Self Care RX was started by myself, Christal Parker. I’m an ER nurse, Nurse Practitioner, wife and new mom who once suffered from major stress, unhealthy eating habits, compassion fatigue and burnout. To prepare for my wedding I got a trainer, started eating healthier, indulged in pampering myself with friends for spa days, took better care of my skin and most importantly focused on my mental health.

Being a new mom during COVID brought about many new challenges, mentally and physically. I knew instantly that self-care would be vital to getting back to my “normal” self. I had to take the same self-care principles I learned before and apply them to this time in my life. The bounce back was way easier since I now have tools and practices in place that put ME first; even with a new baby and fears surrounding the health of my family.
I want to share my self-care journey, practices and products with you so that you can experience a life of bliss. You can truly have it all. All it takes is planning, patience and gratitude. As a self-proclaimed product junkie, I created Self Care RX to provide nurses (and nurse moms) with products that allow a moment of escape. I create products that target the specific needs of nurses to enhance their self-care journey. My goal is to encourage self-care, self-love and remind us that WE COME FIRST!