Valentine's Day Gifts for Nurses

Valentine's Day is finally here! What's the best way to express your love and appreciation to your loved ones? Keep reading to find out more unique gift ideas for Valentine's Day...

If you are shopping for a Valentine's Day gift for the nurse in your life, you are at the perfect place! Read on to know some great ideas...

Hand Sanitizer - Valentine's Day is always a nice time for gifting the nurse or caregiver in your life something that says you're thinking about them. Your loved one and caregiver can be happy with a gift of a beautiful bottle of hand sanitizer. Our favorite hand sanitizer is an immunity boosting essential oil blend that not only makes it smell AMAZING, but it's also soft and gentle to the skin.

Hand Sanitizer

A Gift Card from a Pharmacy - Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and not all pharmacies are offering discounts to their healthcare workers. So why not try a gift basket for the nurse in your life? Lotto tickets, fresh fruit from the fruit orchard, candy and chocolate are some staples to make a great gift. Someone who likes something a little bit different this year will love a gift basket full of all their favorite things!


Hydrating Hand Cream - Nurses wash their hands more frequently than most people, so they tend to have very dry hands. Code Skin Hydrating Hand Cream makes an extra special gift for those in the nursing field. My hands are soft and ultra-hydrated, said no nurse EVER! This luxurious, high-quality, barrier protectant hand cream is packed with several moisturizing ingredients that soothe dry, irritated and cracked skin caused by over-washing. The formula provides extra moisturization without that greasy layer that prevents applying gloves after. Self-Care in a bottle is what this hydrating, non-greasy hand cream provides. Nurse Created, Nurse Approved!

Handcrafted Jewelry - Valentine's Day is almost here, and there is more than one way to express your love. Maybe you always feel love from your mom, grandmother or brother. Maybe you won't be able to see the person in person this year. Whatever the reason, this gift idea of unique jewelry is sure to brighten up her day.

Homemade treats – Take the time to bake homemade treats such as candy or cookies make such a thoughtful gift for this special Valentine’s Day.

Self-care Gifts for Nurses

After all the expenses related to caring for a patient, you see your favorite nurse getting all the treatments. Your nurse friend, the medical professional, the nurse faculty might be going through tough times right now.

Your favorite nurse (or patient) says Happy Valentine's Day to you. Why not give your favorite nurse (or patient) a little thank you note, a gift basket filled with hand lotion, hand sanitizer, hand and an aromatherapy diffuser...this would be an entirely appropriate gift to your favorite nurse (or patient).

Remember that healthcare workers are constantly on the go and are busy taking care of their patients. Many healthcare workers need to do thing quickly such as moisturize their hands. Or eat a granola bar for a quick pick me up. Or just take a quick nap. A self-care package that is personalized to your nurse would be greatly appreciated. Make a self-care gift basket filled with essential oils, aromatherapy diffuser, candles, handmade soaps and the like. Buying self care products for your favorite nurse is definitely a thoughtful gift to give. It might be higher quality than the products you obviously own but at the end of the day, it is all about the self-care gift.

A weighted blanket to sleep on. A weighted blanket can help get some extra sleeping. Nurses are often the subjects of such a discussion about the importance of sleep... whether we like it or not. Weighted blankets are wonderful gifts to be gifted.

A thoughtful box of cups to give to a friend. Once you are done caring for your patients, you may be wishing that someone else would take care of them... can you imagine yourself doing it? Where else would help? We personally find cups to be a personal favorite of our nurses.

What is the Best Gift to Give a Nurse?

There are a number of factors involved in a perfect gift for that Nurse. Here are some key recommendation to consider:

Practical : Gifts that are practical resonate with most nurses.

Unique : Ideally, you would want to find something that had a touch of uniqueness to it.

Rich and thoughtful : Being thoughtful about gifting means the gift you give a nurse who is a family member will be very much appreciated.

Comfort : Nurses are short on time, so a gift basket filled with favorite products like hand cream, face cream, foot bath and coffee mug and stone heart makes for a perfect gift. You can find a wide assortment of nurse-developed, nurse approved valentines day gifts here.


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